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The old Israel coordinate system

In 1922 the geodetic Cassini-Soldner projection (with the calculated right-angled coordinates) referenced to the Clarke modified ellipsoid (1880) was adopted as the “Land of Israel projection”, its central meridian tangent with the longitude passing through Jerusalem. The system was based on the principal triangulation point M-82 established on the tangent line at the summit of Givat Ha’Arbaa (Mar Elias monastery) south of Jerusalem.

The network’s point of origin is at the top of Ali-Montar hill in Gaza, which received the values X = 100,000.00, Y = 100,000.00 (meters) on the national grid. Thus, the Negev, lying 100 km south of the network’s point of origin, was assigned supposedly negative coordinates. The British were satisfied with designing a system covering only part of the expanse, up to a point south of Beer Sheba, arguing that the network should not be stretched to areas not designated for mapping. The “old” Israel Network was marked in black on the map.

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