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 “The Geographer’s Tool Box” is a Hebrew-oriented educational web site the purpose of which is to serve as a “gateway to knowledge” in geography. The site contains a Hebrew-English glossary, bibliographic sources, sites, formulas, and courseware intended for all those engaging in geography i.e., students of all degrees, teachers, scholars, researchers and amateur geographers.

At this stage the site includes one geography subject area: Cartography.

We would appreciate comments, responses, suggestions and offers for collaborations that will help us complete the other areas of knowledge of geography so that this may become a comprehensive educational site.

The development of this web site was made possible thanks to the generous support of

C.R.I. The Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Foundation
Institute for Interdisciplinary Applications of Computer Science

Who we are:

The site was initiated by Dalit Gasul the department of Geography and Environmental studies, University of Haifa, Israel.

Software Development – Alex Khagar

Graphic Design – Tal Daniel

Editing -  Avital Arbel

Research Assistants – Anat Yahav-Zaprani, Sharon Wiess 


The motivation for establishing the site derives from the following reasons:

n       Accelerated introduction of new teaching methods based on Internet technology such as web-based learning and Distance Learning.

n       The information highway that often constitutes a barrier to students due to their being unskilled at sorting information according to quality, credibility, and content.

n       The need to compile self-learning modules and courseware for focused search of the Internet and information banks as well as to develop focused searches according to keywords in geographic topics in order to draw relevant information from the information highway.

n       The multidisciplinary nature of Geography that requires geographers, especially students, to master a range of concepts and skills in its various branches among them: Physical Geography (Climatology, Geology, Geomorphology, Hydrology, and Environmental studies); Human Geography (Demography, Tourism, Urban Geography, Economical Geography, Cultural Geography, Planning, Historical Geography and Political Geography) and spatial analysis (Cartography, Topography, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing).

      Lack of a comprehensive geographic information site in Hebrew.

Site Design and components:

   General tools: a set of self-learning courseware for using general work tools: computer proficiencies and web information searching and sorting skills.

Glossary of terms: the glossary is the heart and core of the site. The terms were chosen and selected meticulously from academic literature, but mainly from Internet sources. Thus, clicking on the source itself affords further exploration of the term or introduction to a glossary specializing in the particular field. Each entry in the glossary includes the Hebrew and English definitions, its source (or sources if it is made of a combination), referral to related terms (“see also”), dynamic links to other terms in the bank mentioned in the definition, Internet sites for further elaboration, and keywords in Hebrew and English which enable a focused search in search engines and data banks for additional inquiry.   

Search engine: the search engine enables a fast search for the term by using keywords.

Tools: in each area of knowledge work tools will be added such as courseware, recommended list of sources, list of formulas, referral to other sites, and so forth.

Within Domain:

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